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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Morris Island, SC, August 22, 1863

A letter from Brig. General Quincy A. Fillmore

"Headquarters, Department of the South,
In the Field, Morris Island, S. C., 9 P.M.

Sir: The inadvertent omission of my signature doubtless affords ground for special pleading, but it is not the argument of a commander solicitious only for the safety of sleeping women and children and unarmed men...the City of Charleston has had...forty days' notice of her danger. During that time my attack upon her defenses has steadily progressed...I am led to believe that most of the women and children of Charleston were long since removed from the city, but your assurance that the city is still 'full of them', I shall suspend the bombardment until 11 P. M. tomorrow..."

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