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Friday, March 30, 2012

George Galphin, Indian Trader

Thomas Galphin, well known Indian Trader in South Carolin and Georgia, owned Silver Bluff, his great grading station where he lived and died. It was at this place that George Galphin was visited by one of the principal Indian Chiees from beyond the Savannah River.  While visiting, the Chief suddenly stood still and looking at Mr. Galphin, said "Mr. Galphin, me dream last night." "And what did my red brother dream?" "Me dream you give me a ine rifle."  "If you dream it, you must have it" and the rifle was turned over at once. Next morning as they walked around again, Mr. Galphin said to the Chief: "I dreamed last night." "What you dream?" "I dreamed you gave me the red coat you wear and much calico." "If you dream it, you must have it" and coat and calico was turned over. After many exchanges, the Chief became disgusted with the game of dreaming, getting the worst of it, and said "Wugh! If you dream um, you must have um, but I dream with you no more."
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