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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Two important Documents in Charleston, South Carolina provide historical impact

Colonel William Sayle, born 1590 in England, died 1675 in the Bahamas, was the governor of Bermuda in 1643 and again in 1658, where he wrote his last will and testament.  However, later he was governor of Charleston, South Carolina as late as 1671 where he made another will. 
Also, among the first settlers to Charleston was Henry Woodward who came with Sir John Yeamans, baronet.

The only way to find this information is to read the will of John Woodward which is here
On the surface it appears that much was omitted or lost from the South Carolina records for genealogists, however, the place to search is in the old wills and estates. Everything is there.  Where they came from, their occupation, and tons of interesting history.  Many Charleston people were also in Bermuda, Jamaica and Barbados.

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