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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SC Hero of the Alamo

William Barrett Travis, hero of the Alamo, was born 9 Aug 1809, about four miles from Red Bank Church in Edgefield County. He was the son of Mark Travis, Sr. William studied law under the Honorable James Dellett. In 1835 he left his home in Southern Alabama and removed to Texas. Travis sympathized with the Texans against Santa Anna, the dictator of Mexico (of which Texas formed a part) who was endeaving to consolidate all of the power in the central government at the capitol city.  In 1836 Travis was in command of the fort, with only 144 men and 14 cannons. He called for Santa Anna's surrender but the dictator ran up a blood-red flag proclaiming "No Quarter!"  We know the story after that.
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