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Thursday, March 8, 2012

General William Butler

General William Butler was born 1761 in Prince William County, Virginia. His father, Captain James Butler, remov ed his family to South Carolina and settled in the village of Ninety-Six District before the Revolutionary War. In 1779 upon the call of General Lincoln, assumed command of the Southern forces. He went to his camp near Augusta, georgia but was taken sick and unab le to follow the army in the subsequent campaign. The inhabitants of South Carolina were called upon to swear allegiance to the British authority and to take British protection and the village of Ninety-Six was designatged as a place or the surrounding country to appear for the purpose.   Capt. James Tay.or refused to conorm to the terms of the proclamation and was put in irons and thrown into the Ninety-Six jail, thence transferred to Charleston where he was confined for 18 months.
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